We love to keep up to date with dental technology at our practice.  These are some of the tools we use to improve our service.


The practice is fully computerised. This enables us to create a smooth and efficient pathway from the first contact to the end of your treatment. We can remind you of your appointments via e-mail or text.


Radiographs are a key part in the diagnosis of any dental condition, which is why we have a number of digital X-Ray sensors in our clinic, which allows us to take X-Rays rapidly, while emitting the lowest X-Ray dosage possible.


We strongly believe in the benefits of using high quality, digital photography in our diagnosis and treatment process. We take pictures at all points of your treatment process.

At our practice we use a mixture of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, as well as high powered intra oral cameras, which allow us to see into those hard to reach places and take some images that will help us progress your treatment as well.


Sterilization of the instruments used in your treatment is of utmost importance to us. Where disposable items are unavailable we employ the most modern technology to achieve this. All of our staff are trained in cross infection control and are regularly updated to meet current guidelines.


Nickel titanium rotary endodontic files are the latest technology in treatment of infected root canals. They allow mal-shaped canals to be navigated more easily, allowing efficient and more effective completion of root canal therapy in minimum time.