Clear aligners are the one treatment that has made braces just another one of those things that people do these days. No matter what your age, 'invisible' braces will allow you to attain straight teeth without the need to wear unsightly metal braces. In the past, many people have been put off by the stigma that can come from wearing braces, but with invisible discreet braces there is no need to feel self-conscious. People will have to get up close and personal to even notice you are wearing them! You are never too old to achieve the smile you have always desired.


Clear Smile aligners consist of a number of clear aligners that will need to be changed every two weeks. The wearing of each aligner in the series will gradually move teeth into the desired location, without the need for any so called "train track" braces. The number of aligners required will ultimately come down to the complexity of your individual case, but each one is of utmost discreetness and there is no need to worry about showing them out and about – there's far too little to show.


Being removable, invisible aligners can sometimes give patients a little too much leeway in how often they wish to wear the braces. But, if you want treatment to run smoothly and your money to be well spent, then you will wear the aligners for 22 hours a day and make sure you don't take them out too often for special occasions. What's more, you will need to be scrupulous in the cleanliness of your teeth and the aligners.