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Reliable whitening outcomes, ensuring the whitest colours possible for your natural teeth.

Whitening with Claire Hughes Dental is a quick, safe, and effective way to achieve the whiter smile you’ve always wanted. We have carefully hand-picked our whitening providers to ensure consistent whitening results.

What types of tooth whitening are there?

Teeth whitening is classified into two types. First, there is home-based whitening, which involves having custom-made bleaching trays produced so that you may bleach at home on a regular basis.  The second type is in-surgery whitening. Enlighten‘s Evolution™ is a combination treatment with initial treatment at home followed by in-surgery treatment to guarantee a B1 shade – the lightest natural tooth shade.

What teeth whitening treatments do you offer?

We hand-pick our tooth-whitening systems based on quality and patient convenience, and we now offer:

These are both home-whitening products so that you have ultimate control over your finished tooth colour.

Which system is for me?

If you are thinking about getting teeth-whitening, your dentist would gladly walk you through all of the possibilities.

Boutique Whitening™ and Enlighten Evolution™

Both Boutique Whitening™ and Enlighten Evolution™ are high-quality, bleaching products. Boutique Whitening™ is the industry standard for at-home whitening and is well-known for its custom-strength solutions. Enlighten Evolution™ is the most recent premium brand combining at-home whitening and in-surgery whitening and the only whitening system that promises to whiten your teeth to a B1 shade – the lightest natural tooth colour.

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“Cannot fault the service from this practice. All the staff are warm, friendly and welcoming. The skills and expertise from Claire and her team are second to none. I would have no hesitation recommending it. 😁”

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