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Tooth-coloured fillings for a near-invisible finish.

As part of our dedication to creating healthier smiles, we recognise the importance of aesthetics. We utilise composite technology to replace silver fillings with a tooth-coloured composite to brighten the smile line and give you a sparkling, healthy smile.

What are White Fillings?

Dental composite and resins are used to make white fillings. Although they are referred to as white fillings, the substance is available in a range of tooth colours and shades. Your dental staff expertly matches the hue of composite to your natural teeth.

Fillings are placed within cavities that have been carefully prepared and damage or tooth decay removed. This procedure eliminates any compromised tooth tissue and restores the surface to avoid additional bacterial infection.

What should I expect if I choose white fillings?

The majority of treatments are performed with a rubber dam in place. The rubber dam not only protects the region from moisture (which is necessary for an effective tooth bond), but it also adds comfort by collecting any water spray.

After preparing the site, we utilise mild chemical agents to cleanse and improve the retention of your filing for a long-lasting fit. We will apply the filling – in the shade agreed with you – in layers, which will then be cured with a blue light. A polish and bite check are all that is required for a lovely brilliant finish.

Why should I consider white fillings?

Most of us will require fillings at some time in our lives. Most individuals choose white fillings because they are practically undetectable, allowing them to laugh and smile confidently. When compared to silver amalgam fillings, they are not only more visually attractive, but they also need less good tooth tissue to be removed when they are placed.

How long will these fillings last?

Although numerous factors affect longevity, a white filling can last up to ten years in the absence of destructive habits and trauma.

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