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So What Is A Dental Health Check?



Is it not just a wee check up?
A dental check up is a something that enables a dentist to get a quick look at your teeth for any holes. A short episode, that happens every once in a while. The dentist then makes you an appointment to come back for fillings.

Is a dental health check not the same?
The short answer is no. However, there are a lot of similarities, which are:

  • The same people present – patient (you), dentist and dental nurse
  • Happens at a dental practice
  • You are sat in a dental chair
  • The dentist uses the same basic tools.

Well, then, what’s the difference?
I’ll describe what happens during a dental health check at our practice:

Firstly we take details of any medical problems you may have and if you take any medication. This ensures we always know how to best care for you, if any interactions are possible and if you need to be seen at a special time of day.

Then we make you comfortable and have a look at all your teeth, check your gum health, visualise all the soft tissues and do an oral cancer screen, check the jaw joints, observe face and neck for any lumps, bumps or asymmetries that may indicate an underlying problem. Using this information we ascertain how healthy your mouth is and determine if you any concerns with appearance or function.

We may take some x-rays (radiographs) to enable us to see underneath restorations you have already, in between your teeth and the bone levels surrounding. So in short everything that cannot see with just our eyes. We may also take some intra-oral or extra-oral photographs, so that we can give you a closer look too.

We then collate all this information and use it to create a plan to improve the health of your teeth and gums. We may also discuss how to restore or recreate the perfect smile for you.

If you need some specialist treatment we can refer you to some highly skilled and trusted practitioners.

If further time is needed we set aside a convenient time for you.

We discuss options and work within your budget and time frame.

A lot more than just a wee check up!

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